Snow Ball Fight

       Have you ever played a snow ball fight in a real snow?  We have snow ball fights on the deep snow days every year.  All of the students and teachers join it and fight very hard in the school playground.  The snow in Besshi looks so beautiful.  The snow can accumulate to about one-hundred centimeters. 

      We have at least three heavy snow days in Besshi.  Usually, we make teams by grade, and then choose the captain, make strategies, and enjoy fighting.  Last year, we enjoyed it when I was in the second grade.  Our captains were the principal and vice principal.  Though our team members fought very hard, we couldn’t win.  But we could enjoy the snow ball fight very much. 

      Unfortunately, we couldn’t have much snow this winter. We were not able to do it.  But if you enter Besshi junior high school and have a chance, let’s enjoy snow fight together!

Thank you.



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School and Local Festival

      We have a school festival in November.  We call it “Sangyou Bunkasai” which means the agricultural festival. We practiced singing songs and playing some instruments for that day.  We third-year students played the xylophone. The biggest event on the day is “Niihama Isamidaiko”, a Japanese drum performance. We practiced very hard to show the great performances this year too. Besshi Elementary and Junior High School is not a big school, but we can show you the performances which your heart will be moved by. Please come to our festival.

      Also we can see the pictures that we drew or painted in the art class.  We can eat some food, such as Botan-pot (Botan-Nabe), yaki-soba noodle, and cotton candies(wata-gashi).  I taught one of my juniors how to make cotton candies.  You will be able to enjoy the cotton candies she will make next year! 

Thank you. 



Field Day

      We have a field day with the elementary school students and with the local people in Besshi every year.  We can make our ties of friendships much stronger.  Our field day has some unique races.  For example, we can enjoy “Strike Out”, “Nawanai Race”, and “Janken Tournament”. In the “Janken Tournament”, we can get a nice gift if we win to the last three.  This year, the winner was our student council president, Mr. Kamiyama. He got a folding chair as a prize! But now, I hear it is stashed in his closet. I feel sorry for the folding chair.  

     On our field day, both children and adults can enjoy together!!  It is held in September.  If you are interested in it, please come to our field day and make good memories together.  I promise you will enjoy it too!

 Thank you.   







Nature in Besshi

       We have beautiful nature in Besshi.  We are surrounded by high mountains, which change the colors from green to yellow,red and white.  Also we can find many insects such as dragonflies, beetles, and tiger beetles in summer.  In winter, we have to see a lot of ladybugs, and stinkbugs inside our classrooms!  They are so cute!  But most people don’t like them because they give us a bad smell. 

       Well, Besshi has a lot of good places to visit, too.  We can see  "Edohigan-Zakura", "the Douzan River", and "Pergola of Yuraginomori" which is decorated with wisteria.  Surrounded by the beautiful nature, we can be relaxed.  Please come to Besshi!  We welcome you.  I hope you become a fan of cute insects in Besshi.  Let’s explore Besshi’s beautiful nature together.

Thank you.