Field Day

      We have a field day with the elementary school students and with the local people in Besshi every year.  We can make our ties of friendships much stronger.  Our field day has some unique races.  For example, we can enjoy “Strike Out”, “Nawanai Race”, and “Janken Tournament”. In the “Janken Tournament”, we can get a nice gift if we win to the last three.  This year, the winner was our student council president, Mr. Kamiyama. He got a folding chair as a prize! But now, I hear it is stashed in his closet. I feel sorry for the folding chair.  

     On our field day, both children and adults can enjoy together!!  It is held in September.  If you are interested in it, please come to our field day and make good memories together.  I promise you will enjoy it too!

 Thank you.